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Choose a Design

Each of our holiday designs are available for fundraisers. The design does not affect the price or how much your organization will make. For Fall fundraisers we can offer multiple designs that your supporters can purchase for the coming seasons. Custom designs are currently not available for fundraisers.

Tell everyone you know.

We do all the hard work for you. Customized web page, payment processing, web link and digital flyer to share on social media and email… You can post this anywhere! If you need physical copies we can send you a printable version of the flyer.

We recommend 2-3 weeks

This is the sweet spot for a good fundraiser. Enough time to tell a lot of people but not too much time that everyone forgets. Most of the money raised comes in the last week when people realize time is up. So don’t sweat it too much if you get off to a slow start. Make sure you tell your supporters why you are raising funds. You are more likely to raise money when people know what that money will be used for.

We ship to your location

All orders received during your fundraiser will be shipped to your location, no charge to you. Each order will be bundled and labeled with the customer’s contact information. Arrange pick up and delivery. If you have an event scheduled near the holiday announce that orders can be picked up at the event. (We like keeping things simple.)

Cash your check!

Since we handle all payments and processing, the only money you have to worry about is your own. Email us at or click below.